Our vision
Eurofiber’s next generation digital infrastructure is the foundation for a smart society.

Our vision is of an open network with infrastructure and IT services being offered separately, allowing everyone the freedom to choose their services and providers as their own needs evolve. The Eurofiber Group was founded on these principles in 2000, and these remain relevant today. Back then our vision was at the cutting edge, today this model has proven itself to be a driving force behind innovation.

The freedom to choose
We believe that our customers and partners must be able to choose which services they use on our network and which suppliers they use for these services. Our datacenters offer the same freedom: connecting to the outside world is carried out via our own network or with the services of other suppliers. This model enables our customers to create exactly the right IT solution for their organisation, free from externally imposed limitations.

Flexibility: today and in the future
IT has revolutionised our world and will continue to do so. We now work increasingly ‘in the cloud’, and we live in cities run by technology that gets smarter every day. As end users, we determine the agenda in the IT industry with the smartphones and tables we carry around with us. Organisations therefore need an infrastructure that allows them to anticipate and react to developments instantly, both now and in the future. Our open network offers this flexibility, hand in hand with a reliable service you can depend on.