Who we are
Eurofiber’s next generation digital infrastructure is the foundation for a smart society.

Eurofiber Group is a fast growing provider of industry leading digital infrastructure. With our fiber optic network and high quality datacenters we provide our customers a future proof infrastructure. An open infrastructure that enables our customers to thrive, innovate and reach their full potential.

Open fiber optic network
Since our incorporation in 2000, we are continuously expanding our fiber optic network. With over 28,000 kilometres of cable, our network covers the Netherlands and stretches into Belgium and Germany. Our meshed infrastructure has already connected over 13,000 locations, a number that is growing every day. Eurofiber Group’s vision is of an open network with infrastructure and ICT services being offered separately, for both our fiber optic network and our datacenters.

Business Solutions
We work with a wide range of enterprises: companies, government bodies and non-profit organisations. They use our infrastructure for a variety of digital processes: to communicate with their staff, customers, citizens and value-chain partners; to offer products, services and amenities and to manage water and power infrastructures. Connections can either be provided by us, or via our selected partners.

Rapidly expanding organisation
Our organisation has grown rapidly over the past years and the Eurofiber Group currently employs over 330 people in the Netherlands and Belgium.