Profit and non-profit organisations use Eurofiber's digital infrastructure to realize the challenges they are facing in their segment.

The ability to gain access to and store information quickly and securely is crucial to every company. Our services are entirely oriented towards companies. From small to medium-sized enterprises up to organisations with dozens of locations; they all rely on our digital infrastructure to communicate with their staff, partners and customers. As a result from this focus, we know what’s important to these customers, whether they operate in the financial industry, the service industry, focus on real estate, are industrial corporations or trading companies.  

Centralised access to applications and data
An increasing number of companies centralise their applications and data storage. This enables efficient management while everything is optimally accessible for their staff. They must be able to gain access regardless of location: at home, on the go or at one of the various offices; but also with whatever device they want to use: a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. At the same time, it also becomes more common for customers and partners to be offered remote access to specific business applications. Our connections ensure that all these scenarios are entirely supported for quick, fast and reliable accessibility to IT systems.

Datacenters for hosting, fall-back and back-up
Our datacenters play an important role when it comes to centralising IT. For companies looking to interconnect various locations, these datacenters are an ideal location to host and provide access to their applications and data. Companies may also choose to mirror their internal systems in a datacenter, providing full continuity in case the primary infrastructure would face a disturbance. Other companies may also choose to store a back-up of their mission-critical data, for which high availability and reliability are essential.