Profit and non-profit organisations use Eurofiber's digital infrastructure to realize the challenges they are facing in their segment.

Digitalisation, innovation and up-scaling have all benefitted educational institutions as well. All this  however, requires a solid infrastructure, internally and between different educational institutions and with very fast internet connections. A good infrastructure allows for institutions to join forces, stimulate cooperation between students and tutors and increase performance and efficiency. We provide that infrastructure.

Digital learning environments
The cloud facilitates challenging and stimulating learning environments. These environments offer course content in an attractive way and allow students to stay up-to-date about their results; at school, at home and on the go. At the same time, educational institutions are able to continuously monitor their learning outcomes and further improve the quality and results of their education. Transporting and storing data within learning environments requires considerable bandwidth, a need that will grow exponentially in the years to come.

Centralising IT infrastructure
Educational institutions increasingly cooperate with one another. They merge or enter into extensive partnerships. A considerable operational gain can often be achieved through centralising the IT infrastructure, not only in terms of efficiency and flexibility, but also in terms of budget. Connecting various locations within one single network requires fast, secure and safe connections.