Profit and non-profit organisations use Eurofiber’s digital infrastructure to realize the challenges they are facing in their segment.

The healthcare industry is innovating rapidly. We offer the foundation for new applications and business models to adequately respond to healthcare needs. The majority of hospitals in the Netherlands use our fiber optic network for their data traffic, making it an indispensable element of their infrastructure.

Real-time exchange of medical information
Healthcare facilities may merge or opt for other forms of cooperation. To maximise capacity and efficiency between cooperating facilities, scarce and expensive medical instruments such as CAT Scans are shared amongst one another. Sharing these extensive, and often highly confidential, medical data files in real-time often stresses existing infrastructures.

Centralising data and applications
Healthcare facilities that cooperate on larges scales creates a growing need for centralising data and applications. An abundance of confidential medical information such as digital patient files and scientific research are to be stored in a secure environment for decades, while all facilities using this information always need secure and real-time access to this centrally stored information.

Over 50% over all hospitals in the Netherlands rely on the reliable and often redundant Eurofiber Group connections, as our secure and sustainable datacenters meet the stringent demands inextricably connected to the healthcare industry.