Utilities & governments
Profit and non-profit organisations use Eurofiber’s digital infrastructure to realize the challenges they are facing in their segment.

The digitalisation of our society has led to fundamental changes. Utility companies and local governments need to improve their service level and increase efficiency. This calls for an innovative partner with extensive experience in connecting objects and even entire cities.

Optimising road traffic
Hundreds of bridges and locks in the Netherlands are already connected to our fiber optic network, while the number of cameras and traffic control systems using our network grows daily. This has led to improvements in traffic flow and optimisations in the alignment of road and water traffic, as well as a decrease in traffic jams, lower carbon emissions and less annoyance. Our high quality connections may even save lives, as they can prevent ambulances from waiting for a bridge to come down.

Guaranteed power supply
The connection of hundreds of electrical substations to our infrastructure manages the power supply to both consumers and organisations. Should a single station fail, then our infrastructure allows for immediate rerouting of the energy supply while instantly signalling the registered issue.

Digital services
The services delivered to citizens by their municipalities, as well as e.g. education and healthcare services, are increasingly being offered digitally. Our infrastructure has stimulated this innovation and constitutes a strong foundation for a smart society.

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