Our network
Our vast, meshed and highly reliable fiber optic network enables our customers to thrive, innovate and reach their full potential.

Benefit from an industry leading digital infrastructure built on Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network and datacenter platform. With 28,000 kilometres of cable, our open network covers the Netherlands and Belgium, and stretches into Germany. It delivers state-of-the-art fiber capabilities to more than 12,000 locations and is continually being expanded.

Future-proof and reliable infrastructure
Based on unlimited bandwidth capacity, our meshed fiber optic network is ready for tomorrow. The connections used by our customers and partners can grow along with their organisation, as they enjoy the very best network capability the industry has to offer. We offer ongoing assurance of high reliability, conducting strict inspections before accepting connections and routinely carrying out preventive maintenance. 

High network availability
Our network guarantees the highest availability possible. Our Network Monitoring Center (NMC) plays a crucial role in that availability. The NMC provides 24/7 assurance for the entire Eurofiber network using state of the art systems combined with the expertise of our staff, leading to a minimisation of disturbances and fast problem identification and solutions. The NMC is also where we prepare the commissioning of new connections, and where we manage and implement changes to the network.

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