Our connections offer both medium and large organisations the bandwidth they need for their operations. Our datacenters are a logical extension of our data infrastructure solutions, providing colocation to existing and future customers.

As an extension to our connectivity services, we also offer colocation services, whereby customers can house their hardware, data and applications in our datacenters. Just as with our fiber optic network, we guarantee high availability, security and an open infrastructure. After acquiring Dataplace in 2016, all datacenter activities are managed within the Dataplace company. 

Hosting IT solutions in a safe external environment
Our datacenters offers a safe environment for organisations who want to host their IT solutions externally. Reasons for making this decision include offering applications to users from a single central location such as an own company network or ‘the cloud’; wanting to host mission-critical corporate systems both internally and externally from a continuity management point of view. Or because they want to store large quantities of (back-up) data at an external location.

Maximum availability and reliability
The Eurofiber Group owns two datacenters which comply with the most stringent demands with respect to security, climate control and sustainable energy consumption. This means that we can provide maximum availability and reliability, while our users can also enjoy full freedom in deciding which carrier they want to use to connect to the outside world.

Centrally located datacenters
The central location of our datacenters means they are perfectly suited for distributing data throughout the Netherlands. Plus we’re connected with a network of 67 other datacenters nationwide, offering an abundance of extra flexibility on top of that.