Our connections offer both medium and large organisations the bandwidth they need for their operations. Our datacenters are a logical extension of our data infrastructure solutions, providing colocation to existing and future customers.

We specialise in connectivity, connecting organisations such as offices, schools, hospitals, datacenters and mobile communication masts with our state of the art fiber optic network. We also connect objects such as bridges and locks, electrical substations, camera systems and traffic control systems. All this is carried out smoothly and safely, based on our vast experience.

Dark Fiber connections
With our dark fiber connections, we offer our customers and partners the opportunity to determine the capacity of their connections themselves. They can use one or more physically separated glass fibers and determine their own bandwidth with their own fiber optic transmitters. Network availability between 99.9 and 99.99% offers a reliable performance for mission-critical corporate processes.

Our Basic, Basis Plus and Premium Ethernet services combine our fiber optic network with industry leading Ethernet equipment. The bandwidth of these connections can be expanded from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps in various steps, easily and without extra investments. These are ideal solutions for organisations requiring e.g. internet access, VOIP, data transport and remote data storage.

Eurofiber’s WDM services are perfectly suited for longer distances and for applications requiring very high bandwidth and very low delay. Examples of such services are data replication and mirroring, video transport and cloud applications. WDM allows for connecting various services over a single connection while they are completely separated from one another. The available bandwidth varies between 1 Gb/s up to 100 Gb/s, or multiples thereof.

With our two types of internet services we offer organizations fast and reliable Internet Access and Internet Transit. Eurofiber always provides its internet services over Ethernet VPN connections. Some of the benefits are: very high bandwidths up to 1 Gb/s, most reliable fiber network, possibility for redundancy.
IP VPN is the solution for organizations who would connect their headquarters, branch offices and datacenters in a reliable way. With IP VPN our customers have a private and secure network which they can use for transporting services such as internet, telephony and video. Unlocking their datacenter through this private network all employees can work safely with centrally hosted data and applications.

Secure Cloud Connect
Keeping your organization agile and flexible increasingly means working from the cloud. Secure Cloud Connect ensures that you always have secure and immediate access to multiple cloud platforms. This comprehensive solution provides direct access to the platforms you prefer, routed through a secure private network without requiring you to invest in a cloud exchange.