Our connections offer both medium and large organisations the bandwidth they need for their operations. Our datacenters are a logical extension of our data infrastructure solutions, providing colocation to existing and future customers.

Upon acquiring UNET in 2013, we expanded our fiber optic network as well as our range of services. UNET offers a full package of connectivity and services to small and medium-sized enterprises. However, our customers and partners are entirely free to combine our UNET connections with services delivered by other suppliers, in line with our philosophy of a fully open network model.

From VOIP to connecting branch offices
In addition to connectivity over fiber optic networks, UNET also delivers additional services such as digital connections over the traditional copper network and wireless connections. UNET’s services vary from internet access to telephony and debit card payment systems to alarm systems that work over the internet. UNET also offers data communication applications, including the possibility to interconnect various branch offices and colocation services.