Our considerable social responsibility is serious business for us, and we are strongly committed to operating in an ethical, sustainable and secure way.

Carrying out business ethically is a top priority for us. Our staff and suppliers know what we expect from them. They commit to these pledges as soon as they start working for us.

Staff code of conduct
As soon as their employment starts, our staff members sign a code of conduct. This code explains our policy with regards to ethical business operations. We are extremely strict when it comes to enforcing this code of conduct and maintain a zero tolerance policy.

Screening our suppliers
Before we enter into an agreement with a supplier, we screen their track record for ethical behaviour. If there’s any doubt, we do not proceed. We also ask contract partners to notify us about ‘ethical incidents’ in their supply chain. Should these incidents receive insufficient attention, then this may lead to contract termination.

Contacting the authorities in case of illegal activities
Our open model offers organisations the autonomy and freedom of choice to use and apply their infrastructure as they see fit. We do not assume the role of pre-screening our customers or partners. We do however immediately notify law enforcement agencies if we suspect illegal activities.