Health & Safety
Our considerable social responsibility is serious business for us, and we are strongly committed to operating in an ethical, sustainable and secure way.

Safe and healthy working is a priority for us. This means that we do everything in our power to prevent incidents, damages or accidents, both with respect to our own colleagues and to other parties who carry out work for us.

Staff and contractor certifications
We certify all our staff members and any contractors carrying out work on our network using an internal certification system. We also actively monitor the enforcement of our standards. Safety is one of the focus areas in this respect. Over 900 of our own professionals and staff members working for our contractors are currently certified.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle
We regularly host sporting events for our staff, customers and partners, with the aim of encouraging everybody to improve their health in an accessible way, whatever their abilities. An annual highlight of our track record in sports is the Sprint Triathlon in Maarssen, which we sponsor.