Social investment
Our considerable social responsibility is serious business for us, and we are strongly committed to operating in an ethical, sustainable and secure way.

Our social investment policy revolves fully around our own staff, products and services working for charity, setting us apart from other organisations.

Supporting social initiatives
We regularly offer our services to support social initiatives. For example, we provided a fiber optic connection to the ‘Glass House’ in the annual ‘Serious Request’ campaign, hosted by Radio 3FM to raise funds for a new charity each year. We also donated a fiber optic connection to provide a live stream for the birth of a baby elephant in the Amersfoort Zoo.  

Stimulating volunteers
Volunteer work carried out under the Eurofiber flag is something we applaud: we encourage staff to support charities with which they feel a personal connection. A considerable number of our staff team up each year for a large pancake festival for people with learning difficulties and visual impairments.