Our considerable social responsibility is serious business for us, and we are strongly committed to operating in an ethical, sustainable and secure way.

Sustainability is a state of mind, and one that we strive for in every possible area, both within our organisation, but also outside of our walls. We support our entire society in becoming more sustainable with our products, services and expertise.

Sustainable supply chain
We focus considerably on making every step of our supply chain more sustainable. One example is that we have made environment our first priority in our transport policy. We exclusively use green power. Our datacenter is ISO 14.001 certified and we exclude chain partners who do not comply with our sustainability criteria.

A sustainable society
Our corporation tangibly contributes to a more sustainable society. Thanks to our infrastructure, energy networks can enjoy benefits such as sustainable power generation, reducing polluting car and aeroplane miles, while society also benefits from the energy efficiency of our datacenters.

Thought leader in working sustainably
We want to help our customers in attaining their objectives in the field of sustainability, supported by our products, services and knowledge. It is our goal to be a thought leader in this field of expertise.

100% Green Energy
All offices and locations with equipment of Eurofiber Netherlands and the datacenter makes full use of green power. To be precise: Eneco HollandseWind. All of our power comes from wind farms in the Netherlands. The current revenues are partly used by Eneco to invest in renewable energy projects. This is an example of how we combine our social relevance with our social responsibility.