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TERMS OF USE MyEurofiber 
The most recent Eurofiber General Terms and Conditions and the relevant Service Description and Service Level Agreement are applicable to all services offered by Eurofiber. These documents will be provided free of charge on first request. In order to permit a Quotation (Order Form) to be generated via the Website, it is necessary for Eurofiber to make certain assumptions that may affect the size of the amounts that will be charged. Eurofiber therefore issues any Quotation under the condition precedent that the Management Board of Eurofiber has signed the Quotation concerned. The Agreement between the Parties hence is not concluded until the Quotation has been signed on behalf of Eurofiber as well as on behalf of the customer. The quotation generated by the Website is an automatically generated document that is issued subject to printing and/or typesetting and computer errors.

The customer is expected at all times to provide correct, accurate, up-to-date and complete information and is responsible in this regard at all times. If the information provided by the customer is incorrect, outdated or incomplete, Eurofiber may (temporarily) deny the customer access to the Eurofiber portal. In the event of any amendment of the information provided to Eurofiber by the customer, including the customer’s contact details, the customer will alter the amended information as soon as possible (in the Portal) or will provide it to Eurofiber.

The password and the user name assigned to the customer which enable the customer to access the Eurofiber Portal are strictly personal and confidential and therefore not transferable. The customer is obliged to treat the password and the user name as confidential and bears full responsibility for all the activities that are performed using the password and/or user name. If you suspect any incorrect or improper use of your account for the MyEurofiber Portal, you must immediately inform Eurofiber of this so that adequate measures can be taken.

Eurofiber may enable customers to create one or more users (user names) with password themselves, on the understanding that the customer bears full responsibility himself at all times for the use and administration of the users (user names) and/or passwords that are created, including, but not confined to, blocking users (user names) and/or passwords in case of misuse and on termination of the employment relationship.

This privacy and cookie policy was most recently amended on July 1st 2014

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